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Fall 2015 Consulting Projects

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  • Dakar, Senegal USAID & F2F
    Dec 09, 2015
    Our project has finally come to a close. We spent over a month in Africa, and while we were very busy juggling multiple clients and developing new partnerships, we still found the time to be tourists.
    Gorée Island:
  • City of Stei, Romania
    Dec 07, 2015
    As we prepared for our final presentation to the mayor and town hall council, we were scrupulously going over slides… and more slides… and even more slides. The following is a brief overview of what we found regarding each project. And what was supposed to be an hour meeting in which we had 20 minutes, turned into a nearly 3 hour meeting, with lots of interesting discussion. However, we were able to make our case on the following ideas.
    Agriculture: not feasible
  • City of Stei, Romania
    Dec 04, 2015
    Time flies while in Romania. It is now the end of week five, our final week in the field, and we have gained a wide range of additional experiences. We’d like to catch you up on a few things that have happened.