Primary Research: When Google Doesn't Have the Answer

Have you ever tried searching for something online that Google can't find?  Welcome to working in emerging markets!

Much of the research for our project and industry just doesn't exist.  Our team is making recommendations for the structure of a self-sustaining entity in Mexico and a market analysis to determine if there is sufficient demand for the services.  New laws have recently been enacted, which affect our project, making it difficult to compare our situation to previous situations.  Over the last few weeks, we've been interviewing different stakeholders and noting all of the expectations.  Our goal is to develop a structure for SAGA that will be favorable to all parties involved.  In many of the meetings, we are forced to read between the lines because of political issues. Below is a photo from our meeting with INIFAP (Mexican equivalent of US Department of Agriculture).


In terms of gaining a better understanding of the market, our team has developed a market survey to determine who the potential clients might be and what qualities of the service they value the most.  As for the market competition, so far we've had to rely on personal opinions and estimates from the interviews.  When working with nonprofits and social enterprises, we've learned that we can't expect to have the detailed financial information we are used to.  Luckily, we've been able to put all of our creative minds together to deliver some spectacular recommendations!  

Of course, we do have time for fun on occasion!  We met up with a fellow T-bird that works at CIMMYT at a delicious local restaurant in Texcoco. Those tacos and queso fundido sure were tasty!  Be sure to check in again next week for our final project updates!