Exploring Mexico City

Mexico City is only about an hour from Texcoco, so we've chosen to spend most of our weekends exploring DF (the local name of the City).  We've had a great time visiting historical and cultural areas and finding tasty restaurants!  

This past weekend, the girls decided to tour the craft markets.  Mexico City is huge; in fact, it's the largest city in North America!  It is divided into 16 districts.  First, we headed South to the district of San Angel to the Bazar del Sabado (Saturday Market).  We walked around the cobblestone streets, checking out all of the handmade crafts.  The artists were amazing!  Next, we took a taxi to the Centro Historico district to go to the Ciudadela market.  This was a different type of market full of souveniers, trinkets, and clothes.  Here's a preview of some of the artwork at the Bazar del Sabado market.

The guys decided to visit the National Museum of Anthropology.  This museum depicts the anthropological history of Mexico through the modern era.  Some of the popular exhibits include the Stone of the Sun, the Square Concrete Umbrella, giant stone heads, and artifacts from the Maya and Aztec civilizations.  17 colossal heads from the Olmec civilization have been discovered.  Check it out!