Project Synopsis

The starting point...

TEM Labs Synopsis - Vietnam Team

...for every TEM Lab project is a Project Synopsis, in which the client gives a brief overview of the organization, a description of the project the TEM Lab team will conduct, and a definition of the deliverables, i.e. what the client wants the consulting team to deliver at the end of the engagement.  Once a Project Synopsis is submitted (and sometimes before), TEM Lab faculty and staff discuss with the client to clarify expectations and fine-tune the document.

Once the client and TEM Lab administration agree on the project synopsis, timing, and budget, the Project Synopsis is published on the Thunderbird campus and students form teams and apply for the project of their choice.  When a consulting team is assigned to a project the Project Synopsis serves as the initial project scope.  Final deliverables can be modified during initial meetings and work-planning between the consultants and the client.  

Following are some examples of TEM Lab Project Synopses that you can download and modify to reflect your project idea.  Submit your synopsis or your idea to TEM Lab Program Director Charles Reeves.

Project Synopses

Business Incubator Feasibility Study for ExxonMobil Indonesia 
The ExxonMobil affiliate in Indonesia, Mobil Cepu Limited, has multiple programs and objectives related to economic development in the communities where they work.  This TEM Lab Project Synopsis outlines complex work that TEM Lab undertook for Mobil Cepu Limited in Bojonegoro, East Java, Indonesia, to investigate the feasibility and potential design of a business incubator to serve the local population. DOWNLOAD THE SYNOPSIS

Business Planning, Supply Chain and Marketing
Strategies for Local Producers in the Peruvian Food Industry
TEM Lab worked for an internationally recognized restaurant group, Acurio Restaurantes, and the largest association of agricultural producers in Peru, ANPE, to develop a business plan and a robust marketing strategy for the famers of ANPE. DOWNLOAD THE SYNOPSIS

Value Chain Investment Analysis for RDTech in Rwanda 
RDTech is a refurbished computer retailer in Rwanda, with operations also in Burundi and Congo.  RDTech purchases refurbished computers from vendors in the US and sells them to institutional and individual customers in Africa.  The TEM Lab consultants working for RDTech conducted an investment analysis on the business case to build and operate a computer refurbishment center in Rwanda, thereby bringing that activity into RDTech’s value chain instead of buying computers that have already been refurbished. DOWNLOAD THE SYNOPSIS

Market Segmentation and Product Pipeline Strategy for iDE Cambodia 
iDE Cambodia implements the Farm Business Advisor (FBA) network in Cambodia as a stand-alone, franchise business.  FBAs vend high-quality agricultural inputs and expert advice to large networks of farmers throughout Cambodia.  This TEM Lab team worked with iDE to segment the small holder farmer market and design product bundles that would meet the needs of different groups of customers.  The project also made recommendations for an efficient product development process and addressed the short and long-term strategy of the organization. DOWNLOAD THE SYNOPSIS