Student Information

For students, TEM Lab is a seven-week (one module), full-time consulting team engagement in the field with a client organization in an emerging market. It is an opportunity to differentiate their educational experience with real-world experience in emerging markets where economic growth will be strong and where other executives might fail for lack of experience. The seven weeks consist of one week of campus orientation, five weeks of field work at your client's site, and one week of campus debrief and report-out.  Visit the
TEM Lab project blogs to read what current TEM Lab students are reporting from their experience in the field.

Student FAQ

Who can participate in TEM Lab?

TEM Lab is for second year full-time Master of Global Management (MGM) students. Executive and Online MGMs can also apply.

How many students are part of a team?

Teams usually consist of four to five people. The range is defined as three to six, depending on the project.

What does TEM Lab cost?

 Students will pay normal tuition for 6 credit-hours, plus a $1,100 participation fee to cover part of the TEM Lab administrative expense. Thunderbird pays for student travel, accommodations and vital business expenses. Students are responsible for personal expenses such as food and drink. The team treasurer is responsible for recording all expenses and reporting regularly to the Program Director to accurately manage the project budget.

Does Thunderbird faculty or staff accompany the team into the field?

 No. Teams determine their own leadership structure, including a leader, co-leader and treasurer. Students go into the field as an autonomous, professional consulting team. Thunderbird personnel assist in managing the logistics for the team including making travel plans and arranging lodging.

TEM Lab is a one module, full-time engagement off-campus; how will it fit into my academic track?

TEM Lab counts for six credit hours, effectively replacing one module of four 1.5-hour elective courses.

What are the pre-requisites for TEM Lab?

Students must have completed their first year core courses and Regional Business Environment course in order to be eligible for TEM Lab.  *TEM Lab is a T.G.E. and therefore fulfills the same requirement as a summerim or winterim. TEM Lab is a T.I.E. course.

Is there a special selection process for TEM Lab?

Yes. The application process is competitive. Projects are announced to the student body one to three months before the trimester begins.  Once projects are announced students are encouraged to put their own teams together and apply for a specific project where their combined skill sets will be maximized. This creates strong ‘self-selection’ - students know best who among their fellow classmates would be good group members. Team presentations and interviews may be part of the application process.

Individual applications are also considered and teams may be split apart. The final say on participation in TEM Lab belongs to the faculty lead.

What is the best way to plan for participation in a TEM Lab?

Come and see us!  Send the program director an email at and make an appointment to come by the office.  We are happy to talk to you about the Lab projects we are working on, and how to best prepare for a TEM Lab experience.